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Scents are broken up by two categories, Lynn's Blends are all one of a kind custom scents made by hand by Lynn herself! 

If you want something that you don't see yet, feel free to ask us! 

Halloween Scents

black licorice

 HEADLESS HORSEMEN =cinnamon/clove/orange/french vanilla
The witching hour
Bewitching brew  Cinnamon, jasmine, rose, musk, black tea, and patchouli
WItches brew
Candy corn
candy apple
trick or treat
harvest moon light
dragon's blood


Lynn’s Blends


Scary pumpkin  pumpkin/vanilla/apples

BLACK POISON- a magical blend of earthly sandalwood
   yland yland patchouli  baby powder vanilla                                                 


CASPER- Cinnamon, apple, frankincense, and clove

GHOST BRIDE- Vanilla, pumpkin, country apple, and cinnamon

HAUNTED HAYRIDE- Pumpkin, apple, orange, patchouli, vanilla,                                                                      and sandalwood

OL’ HALLOWS EVE- Pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and apple

Funny bones  peanut butter chocolate vanilla

SCARY PUMPKIN- Pumpkin, vanilla, and apple

SLEEPY HOLLOW- Harvest, pumpkin, spice, and fireplace

SPIDER WEBS- Orange, black licorice, candy apple, and cinnamon                                                               

WITCHES & BITCHES IN STITCHES- Pineapple, coconut, apple, and orange

Haunted hour   apples  vanilla pumpkin  plum berries  cinnamon

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